Nota de prensa de Microsoft (Microsoft BizSpark Camp–Windows Azure)

(Reproducimos la nota de prensa correspondiente al evento que organizamos, desde el MIC Productivity, a principios de noviembre)


BizSpark Camp Summary

“Business opportunities with Cloud Computing. Developing applications with Windows Azure”

On November the 8th, we held the first BizSpark Camp organized by the Productivity Microsoft Innovation Center in conjunction with Microsoft and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

We had 60 attendees from different startups attending the event and listening to an agenda full of examples of different companies who are actually using Windows Azure (like Softeng, Itquia, Pasiona, Afirma Group and MRW), information about BizSpark and a special session led by our Windows Azure evangelist, David Salgado.

clip_image002 clip_image003


Following the concept of funnel of interest among startups, we are holding during these days (Nov, 28th and 29th) the follow-up training kit sessions (for a few startups) and will have 3 really deep “Proof of Concepts” during Dec 19th, 20th and 21th.

Here you can find different supporting materials that we use for the event:

Special thanks to:

– Productivity Microsoft Innovation Center for organizing the whole event and helping us with our local partnership in the Polytechnic University

– David Salgado for giving an inspiring session on why startups should use Windows Azure and helping them understand the value of Cloud in their solutions.

– Juliano Tubbino and Ruud de Jonge for helping us to get the necessary funding to do this. J

You can find more information (in Spanish)

With kind regards,

Elisa and Sonia – BizSpark Champ (DPE) and MIC Lead (Citizenship Team)



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