Cómo trabajar con Microsoft Project 2007

Incluimos, a continuación, una interesante lista de links a recursos de Microsoft que os pueden ser de mucha ayuda para identificar el cómo hacer una cosa en Microsoft Project 2007, consultar blogs relacionados con el productio, acceder a información de materiales, cursos,…
Confiamos que sean de vuestro interès.

Project 2007 Help and How-to

·         Accessibility

·         Activating Project

·         Automation and programmability

·         Building a schedule

·         Collaboration

·         Creating a project

·         Creating relationships between tasks

·         Creating tasks

·         Customizing

·         Estimating task durations

·         File management

·         Getting help

·         Integrating with the Office system

·         Macros

·         Managing costs

·         Managing multiple projects

·         Managing resources and assignments

·         Optimizing the project plan

·         Reference

·         Reviewing and sharing

·         Saving and printing

·         Security and privacy

·         Sequencing tasks in a project

·         Setting calendars

·         Training

·         View management

·         What’s new

·         Working in a different language

Project 2007 Courses and Publications

·         Linking Project tasks

·         Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 frequently asked questions

·         Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 product guide

·         Present your project in Word, PowerPoint, or Visio


Project Server 2007 Role Guides

·         Administrator role guide

·         Project Manager role guide

·         Executive role guide

·         Resource Manager role guide

·         Team Member role guide


Project Portfolio Server 2007 Courses and Publications

·         Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 product overview

·         Builder User Manual

·         Deployment Guide

·         Optimizer User Manual

·         Programmer Reference

·         Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 frequently asked questions

Project community Blogs

·         Bill Raymond MVP

·         Brian Smith

·         Christophe Fiessinger

·         Dieter’s ProjBlog

·         Eric Landes

·         Faisal Masood

·         Gord Schmidt

·         Jack Dahlgren MVP

·         Larry Duff’s Project Dev blog

·         Mark Schneider, Project Implementation

·         Microsoft Office Premier Support Blog

·         Mike Glen’s Project Tutorials

·         MPA, the Official Industry Association for Project

·         Project Discussion Groups

·         Project Programmability

·         Project Team blog

·         Projectified

·         Scott Wagner

·         Steven Haden

·         Treb Gatte’s blog





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