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Case Study: Nibblers Catering Saves Time and Money with Office Professional 2007

Nibblers Catering is the premier corporate catering company in Phoenix, Arizona. Steady growth has led to new opportunities for the company, but also to greater demands on its operational processes. By deploying Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and integrating it with its line-of-business application, Nibblers has been able to increase line productivity in the kitchen, yielding nearly $10,000 in annual time savings. Further, the caterer made business-related processes 50 percent more efficient and improved order accuracy. The company is also using the new desktop programs to present a more professional image in its customer-facing communications.


Questions or Comments: Kathy Hickman (v-kahick)


Case Study: Avanade Improves Global Collaboration with Office Groove 2007

When a global retailer turned to the IT consultants at Avanade to redesign its e-commerce Web site, Avanade assembled an international team of experts – designers and project managers in the United States and application developers in India. The 11.5 hour time difference and network latency issues introduced a unique set of collaboration challenges. To address this, Avanade deployed Microsoft Office Groove 2007 software to the project team. The India team used the offline capabilities to maintain productivity even when network latency issues prevented them from accessing other Web-based resources. The U.S. team used the transparent discussion threads to quickly respond to developer queries. Using Office Groove 2007, Avanade expanded its collaboration capabilities across time zones and reduced issue response time from 4 days to 24 hours.


Questions or Comments: Jacquelyn O’Day (v-jacquo)


Case Study: Allianz Indonesia Uses Collaboration Software to Serve Clients During Crisis

Insurance firm Allianz Indonesia deployed Microsoft Office Groove 2007 with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to sustain business operations, minimize interruptions, and provide superior customer support in times of crisis. With Office Groove 2007, Allianz users set up shared workspaces where teams share and update vital business continuity documents and customer information. Authorized users can modify these documents, which are then synchronized automatically in the shared workspace on team members’ computers.


Questions or Comments: Jacquelyn O’Day (v-jacquo)


Case Study: Autonomous Solutions Automates Collaboration with Office OneNote 2007

Autonomous Solutions (ASI) is the world leader in large vehicle robotics, building innovative solutions for clients in industries ranging from agriculture to the military. To effectively manage these multi-million dollar projects, ASI needed a system of collaboration that would support open communication across geographic and organizational boundaries. Though headquartered in Petersboro, Utah, ASI engineers often work onsite at client locations across the United States. Founder Mel Torrie discovered the Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 digital note-taking program and immediately saw an opportunity to increase operational efficiency. Using Office OneNote 2007, ASI has fundamentally changed the way its employees communicate and collaborate.



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